How it works?

Sports Evolution simplifies the process for athletic success. It’s true that every “Personalized” Program should differ but the process of developing a solid plan don’t vary. Simplifying the process for an athlete is critical in program development.

What Program Should I Choose?

Simply choose a program that corresponds with your child’s age and you will have them on your way to athletic success.

What Times are Training?

Simply schedule your own time to come in and train.


Sports Performance - Personal Performance Training Studio in Altoona, PA

This program emphasizes the fundamental motor skill development of your child.  Sports Evolution will develop a plan that will allow children of this age to learn basic athletic skills that will lay the foundation for their future.  For example, do they balance, crawl, jump, run correctlyand if not how do we correct the inefficiencies.

At this age we must start to lay an educational foundation for our future athletes.  Just like learning the basics of grammar, so to must we learn the basics of health and fitness.


Sports Performance - Personal Performance Training Studio in Altoona, PA

At this level we are starting to develop more specific goals.  All the good movement patterns we have learned up to this age can now be put into a more intensely structured regiment. At this point we can introduce strength training and cardiovascular conditioning on a more frequent basis.

Flexibity and Mobility at this age become very apparent and must be approached with continuity and specificity.  In addition, we must implement more complex training into our program.  


Sports Performance - Personal Performance Training Studio in Altoona, PA

Now all the hard work you have done up to now can be put on display with your specialization in sport(s).  However at this time more is not better. So allow Sports Evolution to help you develop a plan that puts you on the path of least resistance. 

Between open gyms, coaches workouts, rec league, plus more athletes don’t have the time for overlapping programming.  Let us show you the way and work with us on developing a plan that is not only effective but efficient.  


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Sports Evolution is a Personal Performance Training Studio located in Altoona, Pennsylvania. The difference between Sports Evolution and others is simple, all of our Athletes are on a “Personlized” Exercise Prescription. Unlike gyms and boxes, Sports Evolution offers training that is solely based upon the INDIVIDUAL athletes needs and goals.

Please stop by our private studio today and meet one of our performance coaches that genuinely care about supporting you on your fitness journey!

Goal driven results, scientifically based principles, personalized programs,

designed to increase performance and maximize potential.